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May 2013 ABe-Notes

ABE Indiana Blood Center Drives

August 22 is the date for our next Indiana Blood Center drive and this one is here in our building. The entire process of donating takes less than an hour. A cholesterol, blood pressure, blood type, and iron check are included in your donation. We only have one more 2013 drive after this one and wre only at 40% of our goal - please schedule your appointment and roll up your sleeve!

  • Nov 15 - Lilly Hall 2-425


Summer Transition, Advising, and Registration

Our freshman class will be on campus during June for the STAR program.

This program offers our next students the opportunity to familiarize themselves with campus, meet with an advisor, make a Fall semester schedule, and learn what it takes to be a Boilermaker. Make them feel welcome while they are here.


Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) Program

We will have 18 undergraduate students around this summer working on SURF projects. When you see them, welcome them to the research world and offer to help!

The Red Bud Report

Author: Dr. Richard Stroshine

According to our resident Red Bud roving reporter, Dr. Richard Stroshine, this year's blooming date was April 27. This is one of the latest dates for blooming during the time he has kept record (23 years), but 1993, 1996, and 1997 were all later.

April 29, 2013 (correction)
March 23...2012 - this year was a record breaker for the blooming of the red bud tree at the east entrance to our building – March 23rd for at least 50% of the blossoms open.    I think it will be difficult to break this one (although I heard that the earliest the cherry blossoms have ever bloomed in Washington DC was March 15th and this year they started blooming on March 20th.)
April 12 - 2010
April 14 - 2000
April 15 - 1991
April 18 - 2001, 2004, 2005, 2007
April 19 - 1998, 2003, 2006
April 22 - 1999
April 23 - 1990, 2009, 2011
April 24 - 1995, 2008
April 25 - 1994
April 30 - 1993
May 2 - 1996
May 3 - 1997

Travel Information - Got Concur?

The system is live and you should now be able to login and update your profile.  You can log into the system via the employee portal:    Log in with your career account and password.  You can get to Concur from this portal. 

Your first steps should be to update your profile with your information.  It’s important that you get your profile to match your Driver’s license/Passport since any airfare that you book will pull this information.  You may load a personal credit card into the system to pay for bookings. 

You should also make sure and complete the WebCert training and complete the travel card agreement.  Both links are below:

You will need to print and sign the agreement and bring to the Business Office for processing.  It takes approx. 2 weeks to receive the card once it’s submitted to travel. 


If you missed one of the showcases, you can view it at:

It is important to remember that the window of opportunity for reimbursement of travel expenses is 60 days - any reimbursement request filed after 60 days will result in taxable income.

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