June 2019 ABeNotes

June 2019 ABE Gives Back!

ABE and Biological Sciences hosted another Indiana Blood Center drive on May 30. While the drive results were not as we had hoped (20 units),  two of our faithful regulars hit milestones with their donations: Becky Rice (Dean's Office)  hit the 11-gallon level, and Yvonne Hardebeck topped the 3-gallon mark (as well as making the Deans' List again)! Congratulations and thank you for your perseverance. Our next drive is scheduled for August 22 - please let Carol Weaver know if you would like to make an appointment and save a life (or two).

June 2019 Building Update

Dr. Bernie Engel and others were taken on a tour of the remodeling and building project and shared some photos and videos. We are going to have some really nice views! Watch for video of the interior coming soon.

June 2019 Faculty News

ABE hosted a retirement reception on Tuesday, May 14, at the ADM Agricultural Innovation Center for Dr.

Daniel Ess. Dr. Ess has been a part of the ABE faculty for almost 25 years. He officially retired on Wednesday, May 15, 2019, after teaching thousands of hours and mentoring/advising thousands of Agricultural Systems Management students, several of whom returned for his celebration. Retired professors Don Jones, Mack Strickland, and Gary Krutz were on hand to wish him the best, along with Karen Plaut, the Glenn W. Sample Dean of the College of Agriculture.

Dr. Ess will be moving back to Missouri - "back home again." ABE wishes you all the best, Dr. Ess.

(photos courtesy Becky Peer, Gary Krutz)

Several ABE faculty members received PRF Travel Grants in AY 2018-2019: Margaret Gitau, Klein Ileleji, Dharmendra Saraswat, and Andrea Vacca, as noted in the Dean's InFocus (May, part 2). We also had strong representation in the AY 2017-2018 Millionaires' Club: Kingsly Ambrose, Laura Bowling, Dennis Buckmaster, Keith Cherkaur, Kari Clase, Bernie Engel, Abby Engelberth, Jane Frankenberger, Margaret Gitau, Klein Ileleji, Michael Ladisch, Sara McMillan, Nathan Mosier, Dharmendra Saraswat, and Andrea Vacca.

We were also well-represented in faculty awards: Dan Ess, ABE Outstanding Department Teacher (Agriculture); John Lumkes, ABE Outstanding Department Teacher (Engineering), Dean A.A. Potter Faculty Excellence Award for Undergraduate Teaching; and Book fo Great Teachers; Martin Okos, ABE Outstanding Department Counselor; Jiqin Ni, ABE Outstanding Graduate Mentor; Ganesan Narsimhan, ABE Outstanding Mentor for Graduate Students; Nate Engelberth, ABE Outstanding Service to Students; Abby Engelberth, Faculty Excellence Award for Early Career Teaching.

Two of our outstanding faculty members will be promoted with the beginning of the 2019-2010 academic year: Abby Engelberth, to Associate Professor, and Keith Cherkauer to Full Professor.. Congratulations to all!

Drs. Bob and Carol Stwalley proudly announce the arrival of their first grandchild: Leonard James Parthun!  All are healthy and we wish them all the best, particularly Leo, of course! Grandpa's narration:

OK, it’s official.Carol and I have become grandparents. Yesterday at 2:45 pm, our daughter, Kathryn, and her husband, Chris, presented us with a grandson, Leonard James Parthun.  He was (for those of you into statistics) 5lbm 11ozm, & 19in.  I enclose for everyone’s viewing the proud parents and their little guy, one with the ‘couldn’t wait’ grandma, one with the happy grandad, one with the less than covert, happy grandad sneaking a bite of the birth mom’s cotton candy Blizzard®, and the star of the show himself, Little Leo.



Professor Emeritus Gary Krutz attended the Center for Compact and Efficient Fluid Power (CCEFP) Summit and was inspired by the tribute to the late Professor Monika Ivantysynova, the founder of the Maha Fluid Power Research Center and a "key figure in the CCEFP and the international Fluid Power community." The Summit was organized by Dr. Andrea Vacca and the team of staff and students at the Maha Fluid Power Research Center.  Dr. John Lumkes presented at the conference as well.

From Gary Krutz: After a 10-minute struggle with a sucker, Barb handled the pole and Gary got the net to land it. Between 5 and 6 pm, Gary and Barb landed 5 different species of fish. A bad day fishing is better than a good day at work, amirite?

June 2019 Maha Fluid Power Lab News

Author: Meike Ernst, Photos by Paul Kalbfleisch

CCEFP Fluid Power Summit in Honor of Monika Ivantysynova

In 2004, a German professor by the name of Monika Ivantysynova arrived in the United States, with the intent of starting a new fluid power laboratory at Purdue. That year, she founded the Maha Fluid Power Research Center--- today the largest academic fluid power laboratory in the US--- and over the years to come, she led the hydraulics community in a relentless push for the development of more efficient components and system architectures. Her legacy as founder of this laboratory, and as a pioneer in the field of fluid power, were celebrated this year from June 4-6 in the form of a dedicated summit hosted by the Maha Fluid Power Center, in conjunction with CCEFP (the Center for Compact and Efficient Fluid Power). The event featured over 30 presentations, and more than 160 attendees--- nearly half of them from industry, including representatives from Artemis Intelligent Power Ltd., Bosch Rexroth, Case New Holland, John Deere, Bobcat, KYB, Caterpillar, Cummins, Danfoss Power Solutions, Ford, General Motors, Stackpole International, Gamma Technologies, Magna, Allison Transmissions, Woodward, Parker Hannefin, Poclain, Hydraforce, Walvoil, Dana, Sun Hydraulics and others. Speakers came from academic institutions all over the world, including the University of Technology in Dresden, Germany, from Tampere University of Technology in Finland, from Politecnico di Torino and the University of Naples in Italy, and from the Universities of Missouri, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, Georgia Tech, and, of course, Purdue, in the US. Furthermore, in the spirit of Dr. Ivantysynova’s drive to connect with, and make the research done at Maha relevant to, the hydraulics industry, speakers also included representatives from companies including Artemis Intelligent Power Ltd., Bosch Rexroth, Danfoss, and Parker Hannifin, as well as from Argonne National Lab.

Several of the presenters spoke directly towards the cardinal role Dr. Ivantysynova played in the evolution of the field of fluid power. However, the summit not only brought remembrance of her contributions, but also demonstrated that under the new leadership of Dr. Andrea Vacca, the Maha lab continues to bring together people from different corners of the globe to discuss the next generation of hydraulics technology, whether in pump component design, system architecture, or controls. Presentation topics at the summit ranged from the simulation and design of hydraulic pump and motors, to the storage and conversion of energy in hydraulic systems, to the study and development of hydraulic fluids, and more--- hydraulics may be an old field, dating back thousands of years, but there is much left to discover! This event brought to the stage the movers and shakers behind advances in pump noise prediction, the exploration of hydraulic systems in autonomous vehicles, the conception and advancement of novel pump architectures (e.g. digital displacement pumps), the optimization of the design of existing pump architectures (axial piston machines, vane pumps), and many other innovations at the forefront of fluid power research.

On behalf of the Maha Fluid Power Research Center, we would like to thank all of these innovators, the CCEFP, all of the amazing people who made this event possible, and, of course, all of our attendees!

June 2019 Student News

Karen Plaut, the Glenn W. Sample Dean of the College of Agriculture, publishes an annual awards list that includes all of our outstanding students, as well as numerous specific awards.

  • Andres Fellowship - Jennifer Stevens
  • Bilsland Dissertation Fellowships - Sarah Daly and Gnana Prasuna Desam
  • NSF Graduate Research Fellowships - Jennifer Stevens and Casey Hooker
  • Ross Fellowships - Nathaniel Brown and Tae Sup Lee
  • Magoon Awards - Stephen Miloro and Zhihang Song
  • College of Engineering Outstanding Service Award - Emma Brace
  • College of Engineering Outstanding Research Award - Femeena Pandara Valappil
  • Graduate Teaching Award - Gabe Wilfong
  • New Faces of ASABE - Femeena Pandara Valappil
  • Emily Wadsworth Graduate Mentoring Award - Emma Brace
  • Staff/Graduate Student Unsung Diversity Hero Award - Val Schull

Very new alum Jon Morales was named Academic All-Big Ten for the second time. Way to represent, Jon!

Mario Cano, a graduate student of ABE under Profs. Pinal and Deng won second place in the Poster Competition event held at The SMART Film Industry Day, Birck Nanotechnology Center on the 16th of May. The work Mario presented includes research in polymer science and drug delivery to further develop new strategies that improve the current capabilities of our new platform technology for Patient-Centric medicine: 3D IP (3D Integrated Pharmaceuticals).  We presented the design of 3D Integrated Pharmaceuticals, which provides prefabricated components with specific functionalities that pharmacists assemble according to a predefined blueprint. The 3D IPs technology proved to serve as an effective tool to solve common technological problems during product design while maintaining high flexibility to meet the therapy requirements of the individual patient. Dr. Teresa Carvajal (2nd from right) attended to receive the award on his behalf.

The Purdue Pullers 1/4-Scale Team returned from the competition with a heartbreaking component failure. Undaunted, they intend to improve their 12-place finish next year! Drs. John Lumkes and John Evans lead the team.

The ABE agBOT team trumped all competitors in the weeding portion of the competition and brought home the trophy! The first and second years of the competition, our team placed 2nd, and this year took the prize. Dr. Roger Tormoehlen and Richard Fox lead the team.

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