January 2020 ABeNotes

January 2020 ABE Gives Back

Several ABE staff members released their inner Van Gogh and raised $70 for Purdue United Way through Art With a Happy Heart! A grand time was had by all and everyone went home with their own masterpiece! .

January 2020 Faculty News

Several of our grad students have professors from other Schools serving on their committees. One such courtesy appointment is Dr. Allen Garner.

Dr. Allen Garner is an Associate Professor and Undergraduate Program Chair in Nuclear Engineering with courtesy appointments in Agricultural and Biological Engineering and Electrical and Computer Engineering. He is also a Captain in the United States Navy (Reserves). He advises or co-advises 12 graduate students in Nuclear Engineering, Agricultural and Biological Engineering, and Aerospace and Aeronautics and approximately the same number of undergraduates in those Schools, as well as Electrical and Computer Engineering and Chemical Engineering. 

Amanda Loveless, Nuclear Engineering
Russell Brayfield, Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Andrew Fairbanks, Nuclear Engineering
Bang-Shiuh Chen, Aerospace and Aeronautics (co-advise)
Adam Darr, Nuclear Engineering
Nancy Isner, Nuclear Engineering
Sarah Lang, Nuclear Engineering
Xiaojun Zhu, Nuclear Engineering
Haoxuan Wang, Nuclear Engineering
S. Harsha, Nuclear Engineering
Agni Dhanabal, Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Travis Crawford, Nuclear Engineering

His BioElectrics and ElectroPhysics (BEEP) Lab group studies the physics and engineering at the intersection of intense electromagnetic radiation and materials, particularly biological cells and tissues. His research group has worked on projects funded by the Office of Naval Research, Air Force Office of Scientific Research, NASA, Department of Energy, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and Syngenta. His research group has recently demonstrated the utility of intense electric pulses for stimulating stem cell proliferation, synergistically interacting with antibiotics to enhance microorganism inactivation, and repurposing normally ineffective antibiotics. They have also demonstrated theoretically the physics of gas breakdown at high voltages for microscale and submicroscale gaps at atmospheric pressure and derived the first analytic solutions for space-charge limited emission in spherical and cylindrical geometries - a problem that had been unsolved for over one hundred years. They are also experimentally and computationally investigating novel composites for developing nonlinear transmission lines to generate sharp rise-time pulses for high power microwave devices.     

Professor Somali Chaterji will be offering her inaugural course, ABE 591, Big Data Analytics and High Performance Computing (Machine Learning and High-Performance Computing for Digital Agriculture and Biological Engineering, Part 1: Algorithms, resilient data lakes, and analytics at the edge) this Spring. Beginning Wednesday, March 9, the course will meet once per week as an evening course. More info is available at https://schaterji.io/teaching.html.

January 2020 National AgrAbility Project News

Indiana AgrAbility staff, Bill Field, Paul Jones, and Steve Swain, attended the 2019 Purdue University Extension Professional Development Conference which was held on the campus of Purdue University.  The conference is held over two days and includes breakout sessions for extension educators, as well as presentations from Dr. Jason Henderson, Purdue Extension Director.  Former Indiana AgrAbility staff member Shawn Ehlers presented a session on INPreped, emergency preparedness for Indiana rural communities including accessibility for people with disabilities.

Indiana AgrAbility closed out the calendar year as an exhibitor at the 2019 Indiana Farm Equipment and Technology Expo at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in Indianapolis.  The exhibit included AgrAbility literature and assistive technology, INPreped material (emergency preparedness for rural Indiana), introductory information on the Indiana AgVet project, a John Deere tractor with a Life Essentials lift, and an Action Track Stander power wheelchair.  Indiana AgrAbility client, Mark Carter, represented Purdue Extension and the drone specialist educators with a display explaining the use of drones, the regulations involved, showed examples, and gave demonstrations of their use.

January 2020 Perspective

Proving that a sense of humor is necessary for a healthy life, we have a couple of pictures to share with you this month:

Agni Dhanabal cut it close on commencement after only 2 hours of sleep. At least he was sporting cool headgear!

Troll level: Expert. The ground floor was the final resting place for poor Roachy. He will be missed by his millions of relatives, mostly occupying the 3rd floor.

January 2020 Staff News

Connie McMindes retired from the Maha Fluid Power Lab on December 19, 2019, after 12 years in the ABE department (pictured at left with Professor Andrea Vacca). Best wishes on your retirement and enjoy those grandbabies!

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