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2017 June ABeNotes

ASPIRE Students Participate in Phenomics Advisory Board Meeting

Author: Michelle (Micky) Creech

The ASPIRE (Ag Summer Product Innovation Realization and Entrepreneurship) Internship students were asked to participate in the Phenomics Advisory Board Meeting held June 6th at the Beck Center.

Participating students are Andrew Huang, Kuan-Ting Lee, Surej Sathianrayanan, Terryn Sears, Ziming Wang and Yudi Wen.  The goal of the ASPIRE program is to develop students to be successful entrepreneurs and also increase the success rate of converting novel ideas into new companies or developing products to higher levels of commercial readiness.

The Phenomics Advisory Board was formed as a result of the Purdue Moves, Plant Science Initiative.  The ASPIRE Internship program as well as the Ag-Celerator program are funded from the Purdue Plant Sciences Initiative Program.

DPAC Field Day 2017

Author: Dr. Jane Frankenkberger
Event Date: June 7, 2017

Professor Jane Frankenberger worked with Davis Purdue Agricultural Center (DPAC) Superintendent Jeff Boyer and the Indiana Land Improvement Contractors Association on a very successful Drainage Field Day June 7-8. About 200 people came out to see and participate in the installation of new tile drainage, completed using 7 different drain plows by approximately 50 volunteer contractors. Dr. Frankenberger, along with ABE graduate students Amanda Locker and Samaneh Saadat, presented results from 12 years of drainage water management research at DPAC, which showed a 35% decrease in nitrate load and overall 2% increase in crop yield using controlled drainage.




Land Improvement Contractors work together to install drainage at the DPAC Field Day. (Photo on right: Alex Helms using  Phantom UAS)

Amanda Locker and Samaneh Saadat present results of 12 years of research at DPAC.

2017 June Maha Fluid Power Laboratory News

Author: Dr. Andrea Vacca

Best Paper Award!

Addison Alexander, PhD student at the Maha Fluid Power Research Center received the Best Paper Award of the Global Fluid Power Society (GFPS) at the 15th Scandinavian International Conference on Fluid Power, SICFP’17 (June 7-9).

At SICFP’17, Addison presented the paper "Real-Time Parameter Setpoint Optimization for Electro-Hydraulic Traction Control Systems " by Addison Alexander, Andrea Vacca

SICFP is one of the most important and successful international fluid power conferences, at it is held biannually in Scandinavia alternating the location from Linkoping (Sweden) and Tampere (Finland). The paper was in a list of 10 papers selected from the conference organizer from the paper review process in place at the conference. A jury made the final decision for the award, based on criteria related to the technical content, novelty and rigorousness of the manuscript, as well as the quality of the presentation given at the conference.

Bootcamp of the Center for Compact and Efficient Fluid Power (CCEFP) at the Maha Fluid Power Research Center

Fifteen REUs (Research Experience for Undergraduate students) from several national institutions participated to the summer bootcamp of the CCEFP and supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF).

In this fourth edition of the bootcamp, the students participated to an intensive two-day fluid power course. The program included a fluid power lecture given by Dr. Vacca, three hands-on experiences given by the Maha Grad students on state-of-art fluid power systems and social events.

(see attached picture)

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