Biological Engineering

Abiad, Mohamad - Thermal Properties of Food and Pharmaceutical Powders

Athmanathan, Arun - A Study of Ethanol Impact on Xylose Fermentation in S. cerevisiae 424A (LNH-ST)

Cantley, Catherine - Enhancing the Sensitivity of Vesicle-Based Biosensors to Listeriolysin O

Casey, Elizabeth - Effect of Acetic Acid under Controlled pH Conditions on the Co-fermentation of Glucose and Xylose by S. cerevisiae 424 (LNH-ST)

Casey, Elizabeth - Understanding the Inhibition Effect of Acetic Acid on Ethanol Prodution vis S. Cerevisiae 424A (LNH-ST)

Chen, Jiji - Single Molecule Analysis of Toll-Like Receptor and Related Cancer Immunotherapy

Dale, Matalie - The Effects of Rheological Properties of Powders on Their Granulation and Compaction Characteristics

Jedlicka, Sabrina - Design and Characterization of Hybrid Peptide Sol-Gel Materials for the Solid-State Induction of Neuronal Differentiation

Jiang, Diana - Microfluidics-Based Electroporation to Deliver Small Interfering RNA (siRNA)

Koehler, John - A Photosensitive Nitric Oxide Releasing Nanocomposite Material Designed for Dynamic Control of Cell Culture Systems

Lee, Kyuwan - Optical Tweezer and Cell Manipulation to Investigate Single Cell Membrane

Ndamba, Tona - Effects of Moisture and Temperature on Strength of Pharmaceutical Incipient Tablets

Nelson III, Louis - Mathematical Modeling of Moisture Sorption Isotherms and Effective Diffusivities of the Coconut

Penner, Amy - An Evaluation of Extrusion Parameters and Application to the Scaling of Extruders

Ravindranath, Sandeep - To Develop a Portable Mid-Infrared Spectrometer with an Integrated Biosensor for Pathogen Detection

Stamper, Brian - Statistically Designed Calibration for Near Infrared Spectrometric Monitoring of Mammalian Cell Culture

Wang, Fen - Microfluidic Delivery of Small Molecules into Mammalian Cells Based on Hydrodynamic Focusing

Zeng, Meijuan - Characterization of Cell Wall Deconstruction induced by Aqueous Pretreatment and Enzyme Hydrolysis

Zhan, Yihong - Gene Delivery based on Microfluidic Electroporation

Zhang, Shuai - Sol-gel immobilization of Toluene Bioreporter Cells and CN1.4 for Biosensing and Bioactuation

Zhao, Jianxiu - Sol-Gel immobilized Liposomes as an Artificial-Cell-Based Biosensor for Listeriolysin O Detection