Monika Ivantysynova

Monika Ivantysynova

Professor Agricultural & Biological Engineering/Mechanical Eng
Purdue University
Department of Agricultural & Biological Engineering
225 South University Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2093

1500 Kepner Drive
Lafayette, IN
Phone: +1 765 447-1609
Areas of Interest
  • Agricultural Safety and Health
  • Biological Engineering
  • Machine Systems
  • Fluid Power


Dr. Monika Ivantysynova was born in 1955 in Polenz, Germany. After completing her PhD. at the Slovak Technical University of Bratislava in 1983 Professor Ivantysynova started her work in the fluid power industry. During seven years of work in industry she collected a lot of experience in hydraulic systems and component design, modeling and system simulation, especially in the development of hydraulic pumps and motors. In 1991 she returned to university, where she was involved in research projects into the fundamentals of hydraulic actuation systems and control for aircraft applications at the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg. In April 1996 she received a Professorship in fluid power & control at the University of Duisburg. In April 1999 Dr. Ivantysynova became a Professor of Mechatronic Systems at the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg, where she established a comprehensive fluid power research laboratory. Since August 2004 she is a MAHA named Professor of Fluid Power Systems at Purdue University. Her research centers on the optimization of hydraulic component design, advanced system solutions, motion control with electro-hydraulic actuation and the development of design algorithms. The current research efforts also include the development of new energy saving hydraulic actuators for heavy duty manipulators and robots as well as new actuator solutions and controls for aircraft system applications. Besides the book “Hydrostatic Pumps and Motors” published in German and English, she has published approximately 75 papers in technical journals and at international conferences. Dr. Ivantysynova is editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Fluid Power published by TuTech and Fluid Power Net International.

Publication reprints available at my Google Scholar page.

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