Prospective and Future Students

Some reasons Agricultural & Biological Engineering is an excellent college career choice:

 ABE is an interesting and challenging area
  • ABE Students address important issues for society – food, environment, health
  • ABE jobs help people/society
  • There is a high demand for this type of student – along with that – high pay (typical $55,000)
 Class sizes are small
  • You will get personal attention
  • Professors will be teaching the classes
  • You get to know the faculty and other students; important for networking
  • Many of the classes provide hands on opportunities
  • Nearly all of our students graduate due to the personal attention they receive
 Outstanding job opportunities
  • Internships/coop opportunities
  • ABE alumni move into leadership positions
  • ½ jobs within Indiana
  • Jobs available nationwide and even worldwide
  • Often work in team settings
  • Alumni helpful in identifying job opportunities in future if you want to consider a change in job
  • Job outlook remains strong; many alumni and engineers retiring over next 5-10 years and companies will need to replace them
  • Salaries are excellent – offers in the mid $60s plus with locations in the Midwest
High US News and World Report Ranking
  • Always top 5 – we have been number 1; we have added outstanding faculty, student quality is excellent
  • Many companies only recruit from top rated programs
  • Salaries of graduates better from top rated programs
 Outstanding faculty
  • Many of the experts within ABE recognized nationally and internationally; these faculty provide opportunities to work with them
  • These faculty teach the classes you will take in ABE
  • Faculty are connected to students and alumni
 Students like ABE for the reasons outlined above
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to talk with our students – You will be surprised how willing they are to talk about the excellent education and opportunities ABE has provided for them.

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