ASM Selectives

For students entering before Fall 2013

Agricultural Selectives

ASM 400+ Selectives

Math or Science Selective




Agricultural Selectives - Typical Choices

Any course in the College of Agricultural is allowed.
AGEC 41100 Farm Management
AGEC 42000 Grain and Grain Products Marketing
AGEC 42400 Financial Management of Ag Business
AGEC 42600 Marketing Management of Agricultural Business
AGRY 10500 Crop Production
AGRY 36500 Soil Fertility
AGRY 37500 Crop Production Systems
ANSC 10200 Introduction to Animal Agriculture
ANSC 22100 Principles of Animal Nutrition
ANSC 44000 Horse Management
ANSC 44100 Beef Management
ANSC 44200 Sheep Management
ANSC 44300 Swing Management
ANSC 44400 Dairy Management
ANSC 44500 Poultry Management
BTNY 30400 Weed Science
ENTM 10500 Insects: Friend & Foe
FNR 10300 Introduction to Environmental Conservation
FNR 24000 Wildlife in America
HORT 10100 Fundamentals of Horticulture

ASM 400+ Selectives

Fall only:

ASM 42000 Electric Power and Controls
ASM 51000 Agrosecurity -- Emergency Management for Agricultural Production Operations
ASM 52100 Soil and Water Conservation Management
ASM 53000 Power and Machinery Management
ASM 54000 Geographical Information System Applications
ASM 54500 Remote Sensing of Land Resources

Spring of even numbered years:

ASM 55000 Grain Drying and Storage

Math or Science Selective

Typical and good choices:

AGEC 35200 Quantitative Techniques for Firm Decision Making

AGRY 33500 General Meteorology

ANSC 22100 Principles of Animal Nutrition

ENTM 20600 General Entomology

ENTM 20700 General Entomology Laboratory

Other acceptable options - College of Agriculture

Biology Selectives

BIOL 11000 Fundamentals of Biology I
BIOL 11100 ´┐╝Fundamentals of Biology II
BTNY 21000 Introduction to Plant Science
HORT 30100 ´┐╝Plant Physiology

Statistics Selectives

STAT 30100 Elementary Statistics Methods
STAT 50100 Experimental Statistics I
STAT 50300 Statistical Methods for Biology
STAT 51100 Statistical Methods

Marketing Selectives

AGEC 22000 Economics of Agricultural Markets
AGEC 32100 Principles of Commodity Marketing
AGEC 32700 Principles of Food and Agribusiness Marketing