Phase I - Registration

Teams and/or individuals must register on-line

Teams MUST have two faculty advisors and advisors must register on-line

Complete the Purdue model release form on-line

Complete the ISA/ICMA photo release form on-line

Research Notebook (use throughout competition, will be turned in with your Final Report)

Phase II - Preliminary Business Assessment

Product Idea/Bibliography

Patent Search/Literature Review


Market Analysis

Phase III - Technical Feasibility

Establish Product Specifications


Lab Safety Training (need copy of your signed document BEFORE you do any work in the lab)

Intellectual Property Assignment (document MUST be signed before any lab work is allowed)

Create Product Prototypes

Measure Product Properties to Meet Specifications

Competitive Product Assessment

Technical Process Summary 1

Phase IV - Final Product Assessment

Stagegate Analysis

Revise/Update Marketing/Economic Assessment

Technical Process Summary 2


Produce Final Report