College of Agriculture - Limited time opportunity for matching funds

The College of Agriculture is excited to announce the offering of a limited-time opportunity for those interested in endowing a scholarship: The Margaret and John Weeks Scholarship Challenge Match.

The minimum to establish an endowed scholarship is $12,500, payable in a lump sum or up to a five-year pledge period.  The College will match the gift up to $100,000 on a 1:1 basis, thus doubling the endowment. We are pleased that we have a number of scholarships endowed by alumni and former faculty; this offers us the opportunity to increase the number of scholarships we award each year at the Spring Awards banquet and having a dramatic impact on students within ABE.

Gifts made are tax deductible, depending on your circumstances. Matching gifts from your employer can leverage your commitment even further. If you are not sure whether your employer matches, the University Development Office provides a searchable database at A pledge will place a hold on matching funds to guarantee the amount. The scholarship can be named at your discretion.

We would be delighted to share more details about this opportunity. Please feel free to contact Dr. Bernie Engel at 765/494-1162 and then Joel Hartman will provide the necessary paperwork./ABE/AboutUs/Weeks Challenge Match Description.pdf