May 2015 ABe-Notes

May 2015 Faculty and Staff News

Professor Natalie Carroll and her Soil & Water Science youth curriculum development team is a recipient of the 2015 Universities Council on Water Resources (UCOWR) Education and Public Service Award. Congratulations, Professor Carroll!

ILLINOIS – INDIANA SEA GRANT COLLEGE PROGRAM 2015, has funded the project "Adaptive Management Framework Approach to Watershed Implementation of Nutrient Reduction Strategies" for $96,000. Co-PIs include Dr.. Bernie Engel, Dr. Indrajeet Chaubey, and Larry Theller.

The EPA has funded the project "Increasing Nutrient and FIFRA data access for decision makers through REST services." for $ 220,000. Co-PIs include Dr. Engel and Larry Theller.

May 2015 Graduate Student News

Author: Studie Red Corn

Salah Issa won the Cecelia Zissis Grant for Graduate Student Scholarship for academic year 2015-2016. Congratulations, Salah!

Team Unicef, which included ABE grad students Colin Bell, Andi Hodaj, and Iman Beheshti Tabar (Coach) came in second out of 40 teams in the Co-rec playoff for Indoor Soccer. In the finals they competed against "The Original Breakfast Club". After some rough playing and questionable reffing the game went into overtime, and eventually to penalty kicks. After the requisite five penalty kicks per team the score was tied three to three. The game finally ended after the first two sudden death penalty kicks.  Team Unicef; number one in our hearts.

May 2015 Undergraduate News

Undergraduate Research Poster Symposium

Out of 210 posters submitted, 26 represented students from the College of Agriculture. Two of our students, Maggie Del Ponte and Carter Chain won 1st place in Engineering with "Biomimetic Polymeric Scaffolds for Cell-based Skeletal Muscle Regeneration." Congratulations to these students and their faculty advisor, Meng Deng!

Congratulations to all student competitors in the Purdue Student Soybean Product Innovation Competition.  Lieutenant Governor, Sue Ellspermann who served as the keynote speaker at the March 24th award ceremony was so impressed with the students and their novel soy-based products that she wrote a personal letter to each student.

The Lieutenant Governor is a Purdue alumni and is also the head of the Indiana State Department of Agriculture.  She stated “it is very exciting to see so much young talent, and I encourage you all to continue to innovate”.

Great job!

Purdue PUP Team perseveres to earn 1st place at the 15th Annual Basic Utility Vehicle Competition

Author: John Lumkes
Event Date: April 25, 2015

On April 25th, the PUP team drove to a first place finish at the 2015 Basic Utility Vehicle competition in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Two of the PUP team’s vehicles were tested against 7 other basic utility vehicles for the 2015 BUV competition. During heavy rain and muddy conditions, the 2015 PUP completed 11 laps carrying 150 gallons of water in three steel 55-gal drums. The 2+ mile course had difficult terrain and sections of deep mud, hills, and ridges. The first Purdue PUP finished with 90.7 points to edge out Aflred State (82.6) and Baylor (58.2). The second PUP design, powered by a 200cc motorcycle engine had mechanical problems but received an honorable mention innovation award for the new engine configuration.

The student team includes Emmanuel Corona (ABE visiting student, Technological University of Querétaro, Mexico), Kassie Coverdale (ABE), Josh Greenstein (ME), Zhangxuan Liu (ABE), Jeremy Robison (ABE), Drew Roush (ABE), Rachel Seals (ABE), Pam Yuan (FYE), and David Wilson (ABE).

More information on the PUP can be found through the PUP website or Facebook page.

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