Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering Selectives/Electives 

For students who entered before Fall 2013

Agricultural Electives

Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering - Engineering Technical Selectives

Free Electives

Agricultural Electives

Agricultural Electives are courses from any of the following departments that are not used to fulfill other degree requirements.  Courses can be 1-4 credits, and course numbers 10000-59999.

ABE - Agricultural and Biological Engineering
AGEC - Agricultural Economics
AGR - Agriculture
AGRY - Agronomy
ANSC - Animal Science
ASM - Agricultural Systems Management
BCHM - Biochemistry
BTNY - Botany
ENTM - Entomology
FNR - Forestry and Natural Resources
FS - Food Science
HORT - Horticulture
LA - Landscape Architecture
NRES - Natural Resources and Environmental Science
YDAE - Youth Development and Agricultural Education

The Agricultural Engineering curriculum contains 6 credits of courses labeled Engineering Technical Selective and 6 credits of Free Electives. Below is a list of recommended and reviewed engineering courses which can be used to satisfy the footnote associated with those electives for specialization in Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering.  Other engineering courses can be selected but should be reviewed with your academic advisor to ensure relevance to your degree and career objectives.

Engineering Technical Selectives

ABE 46000 Sensor and Process Control
ABE 49500 Select Topics in Ag. & Biol Engr
ABE 49800 Undergrad Research in ABE
ABE 49900 Thesis Research
ABE 52200 Ecohydrology
ABE 52900 Nonpoint Source Pollution Engineering
ABE 58000 Process Engr of Renewable Resources
ABE 59000 Special Problems*
CE 35000 Environmental Engineering
CE 35200 Bio. Principles of Environmental Engr
CE 35300 Physico-chemical Princ. of Envir. Engr
CE 44000 Urban Hydraulics
CE 45700 Air Pollution Control & Design
CE 54000 Open Channel Hydraulics
CE 54200 Hydrology
CE 54400 Subsurface Hydrology
CE 54500 Sediment Transport Engineering
CE 55400 Aquatic Chem. in Environmental Engr.
CE 55900 Water Quality Modeling
CE 59300 Environmental Geotechnology
CHE 54000 Transport Phenomena

*Such as:  GIS, hydrologic/water quality modeling, advance soil & water conservation

Non-Engineering Electives (“Free Electives”)

AGRY 54000 Soil Chemistry
AGRY 54400 Environmental Organic Chemistry
AGRY 54500 Remote Sensing of Land Resources
AGRY 55500 Soil & Plant Analysis
AGRY 56000 Soil Physics
AGRY 58200 Environmental Fate of Pesticides
AGRY 58500 Soils & Land Use
ASM 21100 Technical Graphics Communications
ASM 33600 Environmental Systems Management
ASM 54000 Geographic Information System Application
FNR 10300 Intro to Environmental Conservation
FNR 35300 Nat Resources Measurement
FNR 48800 Global Environmental Issues
FNR 55800 Digital Remote Sensing & GIS
FNR/AGEC 40600 Natural Resource & Environ Economics
NRES/AGRY 45000 Soil Conservation & Water Mgmt.
STAT 51100 Statistical Methods
STAT 51200 Applied Regression Analysis