Biological Engineering - Engineering Selectives

The Biological Engineering curriculum contains courses labeled ENGINEERING SELECTIVE. Below is a list of approved engineering courses which can be used to satisfy the footnote associated with those ELECTIVES.  Other engineering courses can be selected but must be reviewed for acceptance on an individual basis.  See your academic advisor for additional assistance.

ABE 33000 Design of Machine Components Physiological Events

ABE 43500 Hydraulic Control Systems for Mobile Eqpt Engineering I

ABE 45000 Finite Element Method in Design and Opt.  Engineering II

ABE 49500 Select Topics in Ag & Biol Engineering

ABE 49800 Undergraduate Research in Ag & Biol Engr

ABE 49900 Honors Thesis Research

CE 35000 Environmental Engineering

CHE 30600 Design of Staged Separation Processes

CHE 46100 Biomedical Engineering

CHE 54000 Transport Phenomena Systems and Equipment

*ECE 20100 Linear Circuit Analysis I Materials

ECE 20700 Electronic Measurement Techniques

ECE 26600 Digital Logic Design

ECE 52000  Topics in Biomedical Engineering

ECE 52200 Problems in the Measurement of Physiological Events

IE 23000 Probability and Statistics in Engineering

IE 33000** Probability and Statistics in Engineering

IE 34300* Engineering Economics

IE 37000 Manufacturing Processes I

IE 38300 Integrated Production Systems I

IE 57700 Human Factors in Engineering

ME 27000 Basic Mechanics I

ME 30000 Thermodynamics II

ME 41800 Engineering of Environmental

MSE 23000 Structure and Properties of Materials

NUCL 27300* Mechanics of Materials



**highly recommended