School of Aeronautics and Astronautics Faculty and Staff

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Alina Alexeenko
Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics & Chemical Engineering, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education
University Faculty Scholar, 2015-2020
ARMS 3027
(765) 496-1864
Sarah Allard
Lead Academic Advisor for Undergraduate Students
ARMS 2000-1
(765) 494-5137
William Anderson
ARMS 3223
(765) 496-2658
Dominick Andrisani
Emeritus Professor
David Arnas
Assistant Professor
ARMS 2015
(765) 494-3344
Andres Arrieta Diaz (By Courtesy)
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
ME 3061H, HLAB 1004


Rita Baines
Chief Development Officer
ARMS 3237
(765) 494-9124
Sally Bane
Associate Professor
ARMS 3219
(765) 494-9364
Gregory Blaisdell
Professor, Associate Head of Gambaro Graduate Program of Aeronautics and Astronautics
ARMS 2029
(765) 494-1490


Barrett Caldwell
Professor of Industrial Engineering & Aeronautics and Astronautics
(765) 494-5412
Luciano Castillo (By Courtesy)
Kenninger Professor of Renewable Energy and Power Systems in Mechanical Engineering
Alan Cesar
Senior Marketing and Communications Specialist
ARMS 2013
(765) 496-0291
Weinong Chen
Reilly Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics & Materials Engineering
Joint appointment with Materials Engineering
Associate Dean for Research and Innovation
ARMS 2031
(765) 494-1788
Brandon Chynoweth
Research Assistant Professor
Aerospace Sciences Lab (AERO) Room 2
(765) 496-7929
Tony Cofer
Spacecraft Laboratory Engineer
Steven Collicott
ARMS 2039
(765) 494-2339
Martin Corless
ARMS 3333
(765) 494-7411
Lisa Crain
Undergraduate Program Coordinator
ARMS 2000-1
(765) 494-5157
William Crossley
Uhrig & Vournas Head of Aeronautics and Astronautics
ARMS 2023
(765) 496-2872
Thomas Cunningham
Visiting Assistant Professor
(765) 494-4865


Ran Dai
Associate Professor
ARMS 3227
(765) 496-5243
Danilo De Camargo Branco
Visiting Assistant Professor
ARMS 3211
(765) 496-0937
Daniel DeLaurentis
Chief Scientist of the Department of Defense Systems Engineering Research Center UARC
Vice President for Research Institutes and Centers, Purdue Discovery Park District
Director of Purdue’s Institute for Global Security and Defense Innovation (i-GSDI)
ARMS 3225
(765) 494-0694
Morgan Delaney
Senior Graduate Program Administrator
ARMS 2005
(765) 496-6414
James Doyle
ARMS 3327
(765) 494-5145
John Drake
Professor Emeritus
Daniel Dumbacher
Adjunct Professor


Arthur Frazho
ARMS 3333
(765) 494-5976
Carolin Frueh
Associate Professor
ARMS 3309
(765) 494-7436


James Garrison
Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering (by courtesy)
University Faculty Scholar, 2022-2027
ARMS 3311
(765) 496-7482
Searsha Gebhart
Director of Development, School of Aeronautics and Astronautics
(574) 398-8532
Sergey Gimelshein
Adjunct Associate Professor
Christopher Goldenstein (By Courtesy)
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
James Goppert
Lecturer and Managing Director, UAS Research and Test Facility
Jay Gore (By Courtesy)
Reilly University Chair Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Chaffee Hall, Maurice J. Zucrow Laboratories (Mechanical Engineering)
(765) 494-0061
Alten Grandt
Raisbeck Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Michael Grant
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Mark Grubelich
Adjunct Associate Professor
Winthrop Gustafson
Professor Emeritus


Hashim Hassan
Visiting assistant professor
ARMS 3314
(765) 496-6509
Stephen Heister
Raisbeck Engineering Distinguished Professor for Engineering and Technology Integration
ARMS 2019
(765) 494-5126
Briony Horgan (By Courtesy)
Professor of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Science
Kathleen Howell
Hsu Lo Distinguished Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics
ARMS 3235
(765) 494-5786
Pascal Hubert
Adjunct Professor
Inseok Hwang
University Faculty Scholar, 2017-2022
ARMS 3323
(765) 494-0687


Joseph Jewell
Associate Professor
Aerospace Sciences Lab (AERO) Room 13B & ARMS 3216
(765) 494-6549
Martin Jischke
President Emeritus
(765) 494-9708


Maureen Kane
Events Assistant And Admin Assistant
ARMS 2001
(765) 496-3424
Nicole Key (By Courtesy)
Professor Of Mechanical Engineering
ZUCR 126, ME 2149
(765) 494-2333
Melissa Kidwell
Account Assistant
ARMS 2201
(765) 494-3885
Vlastimil Kunc
Adjunct Assistant Professor


Keith LeGrand
Assistant Professor
ARMS 3213
(765) 496-3592
Leifur Leifsson
Associate Professor
ARMS 3229
(765) 494-3311
Husheng Li
Professor Of Aero And Astro Engineering
ARMS 3215
(765) 494-4919
James Longuski
ARMS 3220
(765) 494-5139
Aaron Lorton
Propulsion Test Technician
Robert Lucht
Ralph and Bettye Bailey Distinguished Professor of Mechanical Engineering
(765) 494-5623


Sergey Macheret
ARMS 2037
(765) 494-5143
Muharrem Mane
Research Scientist
Jan-Anders Mansson (By Courtesy)
Distinguished Professor Of Mse/Chem En
Karen Marais
Professor; Associate Head for Undergraduate Education
ARMS 2041
(765) 494-0063
Belinda Marchand
Adjunct Associate Professor
Director of Astrodynamics and Space Systems R&D, Slingshot AErospace
Francis Marshall
Professor Emeritus
Nicole Martin
Account Assistant
(765) 496-0383
Monique Mcclain (By Courtesy)
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Chad Meltzer
Senior Engineering Laboratory Technician
Charles Merkle
Professor Emeritus, Reilly Professor of Engineering
Scott Meyer
Managing Director of Maurice J. Zucrow Laboratories, Joint appointment with Mechanical Engineering
ZL3 High Pressure Lab
(765) 496-1772
Terrence Meyer (By Courtesy)
Professor Of Mechanical Engineering
David Minton (By Courtesy)
Associate Professor of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Science
Shaoshuai Mou
Associate Professor, Co-Director, Institute for Control, Optimization and Networks (ICON)
ARMS 3329
(765) 494-2546
Jon Mrozinski
Graduate Program Coordinator
(765) 494-5152


Christopher Nilsen
Associate Propulsion Dbt Engineer
Zucrow Labs, ZL3, Room 111
Nicholas Novosel
Academic Advisor
ARMS 2000
(765) 494-4086
Blake Nydegger
Engineering Laboratory Technician
Chell Nyquist
Outreach And Purdue Space Day Program Administrator
ARMS 2001
(765) 494-5554


Christopher Obryan
Aerospace Prototyping Technician
(765) 494-3339
Kenshiro Oguri
Assistant Professor
ARMS 2021
(765) 496-0887


Guillermo Paniagua (By Courtesy)
Professor of Mechanical Engineering, and Professor of Aeronautics & Astronautics (by Courtesy)
ZL3 (Zucrow Labs)
(765) 494-1514
Ryan Penn
Aerospace Prototyping Technician
John Phillips
Electronics Specialist
ARMS 2098A, ASL3
(765) 494-5161
R Byron Pipes
John L. Bray Distinguished Professor of Engineering
Joint appointment with Chemical Engineering & Materials Engineering
(765) 494-5767
Jonathan Poggie
ARMS 3315
(765) 496-0614
Timothée Pourpoint
University Faculty Scholar, 2020-2025
Chaffee Hall, Room 116 & ARMS 2017
(765) 494-9423


Li Qiao
Professor, Associate Head for Engagement and Recognition
ARMS 3221
(765) 494-2040
Liz Quinlan
Administrative Assistant


Anna Rainwater
Senior Academic Advisor for Undergraduate Students
ARMS 2000-1
(765) 494-4054


Sarag Saikia
Research Assistant Professor
Michael Sangid
Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics/Prof of Materials Engineering
Executive Director of Hypersonics Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center
University Faculty Scholar, 2022-2027
ARMS 2027
(765) 494-0146
April Sauer
Senior Manager, Operations
ARMS 2025
(765) 494-0271
Carlo Scalo (By Courtesy)
Associate Professor Of Mechanical Engineering
Amanda Scharrer
Academic Advisor
ARMS 2000-1
(765) 494-5147
Steven Schneider
Room 13C AERO (Hangar 3) & ARMS 3216
(765) 494-3343
Fabio Semperlotti (By Courtesy)
Professor Of Mechanical Engineering
(765) 494-5974
Alexey Shashurin
Associate Professor
ARMS 3331
(765) 496-0618
Audrey Sherwood
Lead Administrative Assistant
(765) 494-3006
Tom Shih
Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics
ARMS 3307
(765) 494-5118
Srdjan Simunovic
Adjunct Associate Professor
Carson Slabaugh
Associate Professor
ARMS 2035 and ZL3 106
(765) 494-3256
Nancy Smigiel
Graduate Program Coordinator
ARMS 2005
(765) 494-4580
Steven Son (By Courtesy)
Alfred J. Mcallister Professor of Mechanical Engineering
130 Chaffee Hall, Zucrow Labs
(765) 494-8208
Amy Stanley
Business Manager, AAE and MSE
POTR 127
(765) 494-5150
John Sullivan
Emeritus Professor
Chin-Teh Sun
Neil A. Armstrong Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Dengfeng Sun
ARMS 3217
(765) 494-5718
Shawn Swindle
Electrical Specialist
(765) 494-4885


Tyler Tallman
Associate Professor
ARMS 3325
(765) 494-2490
Ashley Thompson
Manager of Development Operations and Donor Stewardship
ARMS 3238
(765) 409-9450
Vikas Tomar
University Faculty Scholar, 2016-2021
ARMS 2033
(765) 494-3423
Waterloo Tsutsui
Senior Research Associate


Haifeng Wang
Associate Professor
ARMS 3313
(765) 494-4093
Terrence Weisshaar
Professor Emeritus
Roger Wiens (By Courtesy)
Professor Of Earth, Atmospheric, And Planetary Sciences
Marc Williams
Professor Emeritus
Scott Williams
Aerospace Prototyping Technician
(765) 494-3339
David Wolf
Visiting Professor


Henry Yang
Adjunct Professor
Boris Yendler
Adjunct Associate Professor
Wenbin Yu
ARMS 3321
(765) 494-5142


Dianyun Zhang
Associate Professor
ARMS 3233
(765) 496-5231