David Filmer

David Filmer

2002 - Adjunct Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics


A.B., Youngstown University (Biology) 1954
M.S., University of Wisconsin (Bacteriology) 1958
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin (Biochemistry, Biophysics) 1961
Postdoctoral Studies, Brookhaven National Lab, Dr. Daniel E. Koshland 1961-62


701 W. Stadium Ave.
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2045

Email: filmer@purdue.edu


satellite design, ground station design for acquisition of satellite data

Research Areas

  1. Measurement and recording of fast enzymatic reactions. Computer methods for the extraction of rate constants.
  2. Three dimensional reconstruction of biological structures obtained from serial electron microscope sections.
  3. Computer applications to research and teaching of Microbiology.
  4. Digital Signal Processing.
  5. Nonlinear dynamics and chaotic system analysis as applied to biological diversity.
  6. Satellite Design
  7. Ground station design for acquisition satellite data.


J. Wu, B. Rajwa, D.L. Filmer, C.M. Hoffmann, B. Yuan, C. Chiang, J. Sturgis, and J.P. Robinson, "Analysis of orientations of collagen fibers by novel fiber-tracking software," Microscopy & Microanalysis, 9 (2003) 574-580.

J. Wu, B. Rajwa, D.L. Filmer, C.M. Hoffmann, B. Yuan, C. Chiang, J. Sturgis, S. Voytik-Harbin, and J.P. Robinson, "Automated quantification and reconstruction of collagenmatrix from 3D confocal datasets," Journal of Microscopy, 210 (2003) 158-165.

Conference Proceedings, Presentations, Invited Lectures

Colson, N., Moonjelly, P., Filmer, D., "A Low-Power Dual-Processor Computing System for Advanced Nanosatellite Missions," 22nd Annual AIAA/Utah State University Conference on Small Satellite, Logan, UT, August 10-13, 2008.

Moonjelly, P., Ambalavanan, M. Filmer, D.L., Longuski, J., "Development of a Low-Cost, Low-Power Attitude Determination System for a Nano-satellite," AIAA-2008-6933, AIAA/AAS Astrodynamics Specialist Conference and Exhibit, Honolulu, HI, August 18-21, 2008.

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