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Two AAE students chosen for Aviation Week's "20 Twenties"

AAE students Kate Fowee and Kim Rink are among the 2018 winners of Aviation Week's "Tomorrow's Technology Leaders: The 20 Twenties."
AAE students Kate Fowee and Kim Rink

AAE students Kate Fowee and Kim Rink are among the 2018 winners of Aviation Week’s “Tomorrow’s Technology Leaders: The 20 Twenties.”

The awards recognize students who are nominated by their universities on the basis of their academic performance, civic contribution and research or design project. More broadly, the program is part of an over-arching effort to bring together technology hiring managers, students and faculty to recognize the full circle of what is required for business and academic success.

The winners will be honored during Aviation Week’s 61st Annual Laureates Awards March 1 at the National Building Museum, Washington, DC.

About Kate

Kate is a Master’s student of Professor Alina Alexeenko. Her concentration area is propulsion and her research focus is micropropulsion for small satellites like CubeSats. She enjoys playing soccer, working out, being outdoors and flying.

“I have known previous recipients of the 20 Twenties recognition and they were some of the most brilliant people I have met while at Purdue,” she says. “I feel privileged to be recognized with this award as well.”

About Kim

Kim is a Master’s student of Professor Karen Marais. Her concentration area is aerospace systems and her research is a joint effort with the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab, where they are determining how deviations in the design process affect the success of robotic missions. She enjoying traveling, backpacking, painting and trying strange food.

“I am very honored to receive this recognition,” she says. “I am very appreciative of my research group and AAE for helping me get there!”