AAE 55500: Mechanics of Composite Materials


Current and potential applications of composite materials. Fibers. Matrices, and manufacturing methods for composites. Review of elasticity of anisotropic solids. Methods for determining mechanical properties of heterogeneous materials. Laminated plate theories. Static and dynamic analyses of laminated composites. Failure analysis of composite materials and laminates.

Format: 3 hrs lecture per week

Credit hours: 3

Status: Elective, Structures

Offered: Spring

Pre-requisite: AAE 553 or consent of instructor

Co-requisite: None

Course Instructor: Professor CT Sun

Text: Typed class notes

Assessment Method: 3 exams (60%), homework (20%), and special project (20%)

Course Objective:

  1. Introduce modern composite materials and their applications to students.
  2. Build proper background for stress and strength analysis in the design of composite materials and structures.

Necessary Background: Median level in mechanics of solids

Topics (number of Lectures):

  1. Fibers, matrices, composites, manufacturing, and applications (8 classes)
  2. Review of elasticity of anisotropic solids (8 classes)
  3. Analysis of a lamina (3 classes)
  4. Effective elastic moduli and micromechanics (6 classes)
  5. Elastic analysis of composite laminates (10 classes)
  6. Failure analysis of composite materials and composite laminates (7 classes)
  7. Exams ( 3 classes)

Relationship of course to program objectives:

This course provides students background in modern lightweight aerospace materials (1). It applies theory of elasticity (AAE 553) in heterogeneous and anistropic composites (2a).

Prepared by: Professor Sun

Date: March 9, 2001