AAE 54600: Aerospace Structural Dynamics and Stability


Dynamics of continuous systems: rod, beam, frame, and plate structures. General structural principles: virtual work, Hamilton's principle, Lagrange's equation. Ritz method for discrete approximations. Modal analysis: eigenanalysis, mode shapes, mode superposition, complex modes. Nonlinear vibrations: phase plane, Poincare, and bifurcation plots, chaos. Stability of the motion: classification of problems, follower loads, aerodynamic loads, divergence, flutter, pulsating compression.

Format: Three hours of lecture per week

Credit hours: 3

Status: Elective, Structures, Dynamics and Controls

Offered: Fall

Pre-requisite: AAE 340 or equivalent, AAE 352 or equivalent

Co-requisite: None

Course Instructor: Professor Doyle

Text: No text required; Recommended text "Nonlinear Analysis of Thin-Walled Structures" Springer-Verlag, 2001

Assessment Method: 2 Exams (50%), Homework (50%)

Course Objective:

Help students acquire a conceptual understanding of problems in the dynamics and stability of lightweight structures and of the relevant analytical tools used in their solution.

Necessary Background: Differential equations, structural analysis

Topics (number of Lectures):

  1. Review of Dynamics (3 lectures)
  2. Vibration of Continuous Structures (9 lectures)
  3. General Structures (9 lectures)
  4. Modal Analysis of Structures (9 lectures)
  5. Nonlinear Dynamics (6 lectures)
  6. Stability of the Motion (9 lecture)

Relationship of course to program objectives: This course emphasizes the dynamic analysis of thin-walled aerospace structures (1).

Prepared by: J. F. Doyle

Date: March 8, 2001