AAE 49000/59000: Design/Build/Test Projects


Individual or team projects utilizing the computational facilities in the Design/Build/Test Laboratory and the CNC machines at the Aerospace Sciences Laboratory

Format: One lecture per week plus team meeting and laboratory work

Credit hours: 3 credit hours

Status: Elective

Offered: Fall

Pre-requisite: None

Co-requisite: None

Course Instructor: Professor Sullivan

URL: http://cartoon.ecn.purdue.edu/~aae490t/

Text: No text

Assessment Method: Design project, proposal, progress reports and final report.

Course Objective:

  • Provide an environment whereby students can use the latest engineering design and analysis software coupled with CAD/CAM software and rapid prototyping equipment so that the design can be realized in hardware and then tested
  • Provides students with exposure to basic manufacturing tools and shop operating procedures
  • Enhance teamwork and communication skills
  • Necessary Background:


Following initial lectures on workshop safety, CAM software and CNC machine operation the lectures and team meeting discussion are tailored to the particular design projects Recent projects include: Electric Powered Pylon Racer Airplane, C-Wing, H2O2 Turbine, Top Fuel Dragster Front Wing, and a Micro Air Vehicle.

Relationship of course to program objectives:

AAE 490t/590t supports the following program objectives:

  1. Acquire the essential technical components of aerospace engineering
  2. Develop basic engineering skills:
    1. An ability to formulate and solve problems
    2. An ability to work in teams
    3. The ability to communicate their work to others, in writing, orally, and graphically
  3. Have opportunities for research, independent study.

Prepared by: John Sullivan

Date: March 13, 2001