AAE 49000: Special Problems in Aeronautical Engineering


Individual or small group projects under the direction of a supervising faculty member.

Format: variable

Credit hours: variable

Status: elective in AAE

Offered: Fall, Spring, and summer

Pre-requisite: All students need consent of instructor. A detailed description of the project should be prepared by the student and the instructor, and placed in the students academic records folder.

Co-requisite: none

Course Instructor: variable

Text: variable

Assessment Method: variable

Course Objective: variable

Necessary Background: variable

Topics (number of Lectures): not applicable

Relationship of course to program objectives:

This course allows undergraduate students to undertake research and independent study projects under the individual guidance of faculty. This supports the Program Objectives 1) and especially 3).

Prepared by: Marc H. Williams

Date: February 17, 2001