AAE 45300 Matrix Methods in Aerospace Structures


Matrix algebra and its programming. Energy principles and finite element formulation. Coordinate transformation and assemblage. Stiffness, mass, and incremental stiffness matrices for aircraft elements-bar, beam, frame and plate. Analysis (static, dynamic and stability) and design of realistic wing and fuselage structures using advanced finite element codes.

Format: Three hours of lecture per week

Credit hours: 3

Status: Elective

Offered: Fall and Spring

Pre-requisite: AAE 352 or equivalent

Co-requisite: None

Course Instructor: Professor Doyle

Text: No text required; recommended text is "Static and Dynamics Analysis of Structures" by J.F. Doyle, Kluwer, 1991

Assessment Method: 2 Exams (40%), Homework (40%), Structural Analysis Project (20%)

Course Objective:

Introduce computer based methods of structural analysis. Learn proper assessment of computer generated analysis. Gain experience performing a "large" structure analysis.

Necessary Background: Matrix algebra, structural analysis, computer usage

Topics (number of Lectures):

  1. Rod Structures (4 lectures)
  2. Matrix Reformation (5 lectures)
  3. Frames (3 lectures)
  4. General Structural Principles (4 lectures)
  5. Ritz Method (4 lectures)
  6. Vibration of Rods (4 lectures)
  7. Matrix Reformation (3 lectures)
  8. Vibrations of Beams and Frames (5 lectures)
  9. Stability of Trusses (5 lectures)
  10. Matrix Reformation (3 lectures)
  11. Computer Methods (5 lectures)

Relationship of course to program objectives:

This course emphasizes the ability to formulate and solve computational problems (2a).

Prepared by: J. F. Doyle

Date: March 13, 2001