AAE 44300 Industrial Practices Seminar


Students give oral presentations describing their employers and employment during their last coop/intern work session. Outside speakers from industry will also be solicited.

Format One hour seminar per week
Credit Hours 1
Status Technical elective in AAE
Offered Sem. 1,2,SS
Pre-requisite Permission of instructor, Intended primarily for intern and cooperative students (those who have registered for AAE 241, 242, 341, 342, 442 or 390). May be repeated up to three credit hours.
Co-requisite None
Course Instructor Marc H. Williams
Text None
Assessment Method Grading is based on oral & written presentations, attendance, and participation in class projects

Course Goal & Objectives

The goal of the course is to strengthen the Cooperative Education/Internship experience for students in AAE, by reinforcing presentation skills and disseminating information about opportunities for work experience to new students.

Students will give oral presentations and written reports describing their employers and employment during their last coop/intern work session. (Students registered for AAE241, 242 etc already submit written reports, and these are fine.)

The class will also work on developing and maintaining a coop/internship web site for AAE.

Outside speakers from industry will be solicited.

The class will meet once a week. Students in AAE can accumulate up to 3cr (of Technical Elective) by repeated registration.

Necessary Background: None

Relation to Program Objectives

This course contributes to the AAE program objectives primarily in the categories of team work, communications and professional conduct (2b,c,d).

It also provides an opportunity for student to learn about the need for life long learning (3), and to examine issues of the social impact of aerospace engineering,(4)

Prepared by: Marc Williams

Date: February 19, 2001