AAE 30000

Undergraduate Junior Seminar

Credits:     0

Contact hours:     1 hour every week for 6 weeks, 6 hours per semester

Instructor:     Rebecca Whitley

Text:     None

Course Description:     The courses are intended to provide a forum for guest speakers, organizational and informational meetings with undergraduates, and to provide a venue for discussion of professional development.

Offered:    Fall and Spring

Pre-requisite:   Junior standing in AAE only, AAE 20000

Co-requisite:   None

Required:    Yes

Student Learning Outcomes:    See Yes below

Relationship of Course to Program Outcomes

    Program Learning Outcomes Included?
a An ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering No
b An ability to design and conduct experiments, as well as to analyze and interpret data No
c An ability to design an aerospace system, component, or process to meet desired needs within realistic constraints such as economic, environmental, social, political, ethical, health, and safety, manufacturability, and sustainability No
d An ability to function on multidisciplinary teams No
e An ability to identify, formulate, and solve aerospace engineering problems No
f An understanding of professional and ethical responsibility No
g An ability to communicate effectively No
h An understanding of the impact of engineering solutions in a global, economic, environmental, and societal context No
i A recognition of the need for, and an ability to engage in life-long learning Yes
j A knowledge of contemporary issues in aerospace engineering Yes
k An ability to use the techniques, skills and modern engineering tools necessary for aerospace engineering practice No


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    • Majors/Minors
    • MS Degrees, Continuing Education
  • Industry Representatives
  • Campus Resources

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