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Colloquium Series

Speaker Colloquium Title Date
Dr. Iain D. Boyd Multi-Scale Modeling of Nonequilibrium Gas and Plasma with Applications to Hypersonics and Space Propulsion December 7, 2017
Dr. Cheng Liu Fracture in PBX 9502 High Explosive: Effect of Loading Rate & Material Orientation October 19, 2017
Dr. Mario Rotea Extremum Seeking Control of Wind Energy Systems November 9, 2017
Dr. Xiaoli Bai Space Debris Propagation, Prediction, and Removal November 2, 2017
Dr. Chong Li Towards a Unified Theory of Communications & Control and a Unified Design in 5G October 24, 2017
Dr. Daniel J. Bodony Global Mode-Based Control of Jet Noise October 5, 2017
Dr. Rodney Bowersox Hypersonic Viscous Boundary Layer Flows September 28, 2017
Dr. Phillip Ligrani Over-tip Wave Structure and Its Impact on Turbine Blade Tip Heat Transfer, Including the Effects of Varying Tip Gap September 21, 2017
Michael Short The Stored Energy Fingerprints of Radiation Damage April 20, 2017
Glenn B. Sinclair An Assessment of the Edge-of-Contact Stresses in Dovetail Blade Attachments in Gas Turbine Engines April 13, 2017
A. Stephen Morse A Distributed Algorithm for Computing a Common Fixed Point of a Family of Paracontractions April 6, 2017
Dr. Somnath Ghosh Spatial and Temporal Multiscale Models for Advancing the Integrated Computational Structure-Materials Engineering Initiative March 30, 2017
Prof. Volker Sick Imaging Guiding the Way to Improved Heat Transfer Predictions for Internal Combustion Engines March 23, 2017
Prof. Han Lim Choi Planning for Information Gathering: Formulations and Solution Schemes March 7, 2017
Sarah Walker SpaceX: Enabling Reliable, Frequent, Affordable Access to Space March 2, 2017
Wayne Hale Learning from Failure: Lessons from NASA’s Human Space Flight History and How That Shapes the Future February 9, 2017
Prof. Bo Zou Design and Modeling of a Crowdsourced System for Urban Parcel Relay and Delivery February 2, 2017
Prof. Qiqi Wang Statistical Sensitivity Analysis of Chaotic Flow Simulations January 19, 2017

Colloquium Series Archive: 2004-2016