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Jonathan Poggie, PhD AAE Associate Professor, Jonathan Poggie, Wins DoE INCITE Award
AAE Associate Professor, Jonathan Poggie, won a grant of 150 million CPU-Hours per year for two years on Argonne National Laboratory's supercomputer, Mira, the fifth largest in the world.
20th Annual Purdue Space Day
The 20th annual Purdue Space Day took place on Sunday, October 25th with guest VIP Buzz Aldrin.
Richard W. Taylor, Aviation Icon, Passes Away
The passing of Dick Taylor should be mourned by all who are involved in aviation; for he was unusual, if not unique, in his mastery of all phases of our business— academic training, a pilot in WWII, an aircraft designer, a test pilot, a business executive, an able translator of airplane operations into effective regulations, a record-holding GA pilot, aviation honoree, a patron of aviation history and a great father/grandfather. Hopefully, there are other Dick Taylor’s out there who can emulate his exceptional achievements.
AAE Associate Professor, Alina Alexeenko, offers Hyperloop design course
Prof. Alexeenko is offering Purdue University's first ever Hyperloop Deisng class based on SpaceX competition. The course, which began this August, requires students to design a passenger capsule for the transportation system that can travel at nearly sonic speeds in a vacuum tube.
AAE Undergraduate Students Take Part in Study Abroad Research Program at Technical University Brauschweig
During the 2015 summer months, four AAE Undergraduate students took part in a study abroad research experience at Technical University Braunschweig (TUB), located in Braunschweig, Germany. Aleksandra Dervisevic, Noah Gold, Jay Millane, and Andres Velez-Valencia participated in independent research opportunities and had the opportunity to choose a research project that covered one or more of the five AAE program concentrations: Aerodynamics, Design, Propulsion, Dynamics and Control, and Structures. Upon successful completion of the research experience, students gained six hours of technical elective credit and three hours of general elective credit towards their plan of study.

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