Boeing & Intel Design/Build/Test Laboratory

The Boeing and Intel DBT Laboratory helps prepare students for the integrated teams that industry uses for better design and reduced cycle time. Currently, we have two Graphic Servers and 10 Desktop Pro machines, which are networked to our Structures and Materials Laboratories within the Aerospace Sciences Laboratory, where additional computers and rapid prototyping machines will be located. The state-of-the-art software used allows the student to design a component of an aerospace vehicle, a complete airplane (RPV) or wind tunnel model. The results from CAD, Pro-Engineer, IDEAS, in CAD/CAM containing detailed design, are then sent to the laboratory to be manufactured.

During the first year in 1998, the DBT Laboratory received use from many of our students and DBT projects were performed by the 451 Capstone Design Class, 520 Experiemental Aerodynamics Course, and individual special projects.