by Administrative Area

Administrative Staff

Jennifer LaGuire>  <a href= Jennifer LaGuire
Administrative Assistant to the Head
AAE Safety Coordinator
ARMS 3315
+1 765 49-43006
Scott Meyer>  <a href= Scott Meyer
Managing Director of Maurice J. Zucrow Laboratories, Joint appointment with Mechanical Engineering
ZL3 High Pressure Lab
+1 765 49-61772
Steven Shade>  <a href= Steven Shade
Managing Director, Center for Advanced Manufacturing

+1 765 49-45183

Administrative and Professional Staff

Rita Baines>  <a href= Rita Baines
Director of Development and Communications
ARMS 3307
(765) 494-9124

Business Office Staff

Bradley Anthony>  <a href= Bradley Anthony
Business Office -
AAE & MSE Business Manager
ARMS 2201
+1 765 49-45150
Rustie Bodine>  <a href= Rustie Bodine
Business Office -
ARMS Account Clerk - Sponsored Programs Account Management
Jami Butler>  <a href= Jami Butler
Research Account Specialist
ME 2007F
+1 765 49-41890
Ethan Chitty>  <a href= Ethan Chitty
Business Office ARMS Accounts Clerk - Purchasing, Invoice Vouchers, Biweekly Payroll
ARMS 2201
Christine Cowden>  <a href= Christine Cowden
Business Office
ARMS Account Clerk - Travel, Gifts, and Recharges
Armstrong Business Office
+1 765 49-40144
Lynly Horine>  <a href= Lynly Horine
Business Office -
ARMS Account Clerk - Sponsored Program Account Management
ARMS 2201
(765) 494-9779
Joan Jackson>  <a href= Joan Jackson
Part-time Account Clerk/Secretary
+1 765 49-43340
Michelle Kidd>  <a href= Michelle Kidd
Research Account Specialist
CHAF 119
+1 765 49-45114
Sheila Light
Business Office -
ARMS Account Clerk - Biweekly Payroll
ARMS 2201
Shannel Randle>  <a href= Shannel Randle
Business Office -
ARMS Account Clerk - Monthly Payroll & Non-Sponsored Account Management
ARMS 2201
(765) 494-3885
Susan Whaley>  <a href= Susan Whaley
Research Account Specialist
ME 2007E
+1 765 49-45711

Communications and Development Staff

Ann Broughton>  <a href= Ann Broughton
Marketing and Communications Administrator, Purdue Space Day Coordinator
ARMS 3312
+1 765 49-45147

Student Services Staff

Lisa Crain>  <a href= Lisa Crain
Undergraduate Program Coordinator, AAE Photographer, Undergraduate Events Coordinator for Homecoming, Family Day, Scholar's Day. AAE Prospective Student Tours.
ARMS 3314
Linda Flack>  <a href= Linda Flack
Graduate Program Administrator, Graduate Student Recruitment and Publicity, Graduate Student Funding Coordinator
ARMS 3305
+1 765 49-45152

Technical Staff

Gerald Hahn>  <a href= Gerald Hahn

+1 765 49-43339
John Phillips>  <a href= John Phillips
Electronic Specialist
ARMS 2098A, ASL3
David Reagan>  <a href= David Reagan
Mechanical Technician
ARMS 3098A
+1 765 49-45162
Robin Snodgrass>  <a href= Robin Snodgrass

+1 765 49-43339
James Younts>  <a href= James Younts
AERO shop
+1 765 49-43339


Gina Covarrubias>  <a href= Gina A. Covarrubias
Senior Academic Advisor / Report Analyst
ARMS 3313
Jessica Jasso

C. Robert Kenley
ARMS 33216
Linas Mockus

+1 765 49-45645