College of Engineering Funding Resources

Fall 2006

AAUW American Association of University Women

Funding exclusively for graduate women

1. American Fellowships

Deadline November 15

Doctoral candidates

2. International Fellowships

Deadline December 1

3. Selected Professions Fellowships

Deadline January 10

ACI American Concrete Institute

Concrete Research Foundation

1. Fellowship:

Deadline November 15

Full-time student

Students nominated by faculty members who are ACI Members

2. Graduate Scholarship:

Deadline November 15

Emphasis on structural design, materials, construction, or combination

3. Student Paper Award

Deadline December 5

4. PCA - Portland Cement Association Education Foundation Research

Fellowship Program.

Deadline January 15

AIGC American Indian Graduate Center

1. Accenture Fellowship


2. Grace Wall Barreda Fellowship


3. Jeanette Elmer Scholarship


4. EPA Tribal Lands Environmental Science Scholarship

5. John Rainer Fellowship


AMS American Meteorological Society


AMS Industry/Government Graduate Fellowships

First year of graduate school

Atmospheric or related oceanic or hydrologic sciences

Minimum GPA 3.25/4.00

U.S. Citizen

ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Graduate Teaching Fellowship Program

Deadline October 21

Ph.D. student in Mechanical Engineering

Teaching one lecture course in term of fellowship

U.S. Citizen

Member of ASME

DHS U.S. Department of Homeland Security


U.S. Citizen

Cumulative GPA 3.3/4.00

Cannot have completed 2 courses in a grad program

Ph.D. student

GRE test scores - no minimum

Discovery Park, Purdue

Graduate Teaching Fellows in K-12 Education

Callout Thursday, January 11, 2007 at 5:30 PM in WTHR 172

1. open to graduate students in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) disciplines)

2. Fellows develop lesson plans and teach experiments in K-12 classrooms

DoD DoD Science, Mathematics and Research for Transformation (SMART) Scholarship

Deadline February 5

1. used to recruit and to retain civilian scientists and engineers to work at DoD agencies and laboratories

2. during summer sessions, students will receive assignments as interns at DoD labs and agencies

3. after completion of degree, students will be employed in assignments aligned with their areas of interest and needs of the DoD.

4. open only to citizens and nationals of US of more than 18 years of age who are enrolled in a regionally accredited university or college.

DOE Department of Energy Krell Institute

Applications open in October

1. Computational Science Graduate Fellowship

Full-time, uninterrupted study toward Ph.D. degree in U.S. university

In first or second year of program

U.S. Citizen

2. High-Performance Computer Science Fellowship

Senior undergraduates or first year of graduate study

U.S. Citizen

Pursue PhD. In computer science with emphasis on high-performance

EPA Environmental Protection Agency


National Network for Environmental Management Studies (NNEMS)

U.S. Citizen

Program directly related to pollution control or environmental protection

FES Fusion Energy Sciences

U.S. Department of Energy Office of Fusion Energy

U.S. Citizen

Cannot have progressed beyond second year of degree program

FORD Ford Foundation

National Research Council of the National Academies

1. Predoctoral Fellowships

Deadline November 16

2. Dissertation Fellowships

Deadline November 30

U.S. Citizen

Underrepresented minority

Superior academic achievement

Committed to career in teaching or research at the university level

GEM National Consortium for Graduate Degrees for Minorities in Engineering and Science

Deadline November 1

U.S. Citizens

18 months support for MS; 12 months for Ph.D.

Requires summer internship

GOOGLE Anita Borg Scholarship for Women

Deadline January 15

Senior woman or entering graduate program

Major Computer Engineering or Computer Science

Maintain cumulative GPA 3.5/4.00

Gyles John Gyles Education Awards


Minimum 2.7 GPA

U.S. or Canadian Citizen

HCF Hispanic College Fund

Available December 15

Must be Hispanic or of Hispanic decent

U.S. Citizen

Minimum GPA 3.5/4.00

Demonstrate financial need

Major Computer Science or Computer Engineering

HERTZ The Fannie and John Hertz Foundation

Deadline October 27

Working towards Ph.D. degree

U.S. Citizen


Honeywell Innovators Scholarship Program

Deadline December 15, 2006

Honeywell Internship prior to disbursement

Enrolled in Science, Technology or Engineering Major

Demonstrate superior academic ability, as well as leadership and community service

Be in the top 25% of their major class.

Be grad or undergrad entering final academic year of study in 2007

IBM IBM Ph.D. Fellowship Program

Deadline October 31

Specialized fields -- see web site

Faculty nomination

Completed at least one year in doctoral program

Both non-citizens and citizens are eligible

IIE Institute of International Education


Foreign Fulbright Graduate Student Program

International students

IGERT Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship


National Science Foundation

U.S. Citizen

Apply to individual program such as Purdue's

INSGC Indiana Space Grant Consortium


Enrolled in doctoral or MS degree program

U.S. Citizen

Involved in NASA-related research project

INTEL Intel Foundation

Intel Foundation Ph.D. Fellowship Program

Applications are not accepted directly from students.

Requires faculty recommendation

JdK Josephine de K�rm�n Fellowship Trust

Deadline January 31

Candidate for PhD in final year

Exceptional ability

JKC Jack Kent Cooke Foundation


Graduate Scholarship Program

Cannot be enrolled in a graduate degree program

Must be a senior or recent graduate

Minimum cumulative 3.5/4.00 GPA

Be nominated by your institution

Plan to attend a full-time graduate program

LINK Link Foundation Energy Program

Fellowships in the Energy Field

Deadline December 1, 2006

Enrolled in a Ph.D. degree program

No limitations on citizenship

Lucent Bell Labs Graduate Research Fellowship Program

Deadline January 12

Women and underrepresented minority

Graduating seniors and first year grad students

U.S. Citizens

MAES Mexican American Engineers and Scientists

Deadline September 22

Various Scholarships

MMMF Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund


World Bank Family Network

Women from Developing Countries

Must plan to return to home country within 2 years

Commitment to work to the benefit of women and children

NASA NASA Aeronautics Scholarship Program

submit applications online by 5:00 p.m. EST, March 17

have received or be on track to receive BS by Fall 2008

Senior and already accepted to MS; or MS or PhD but not graduated by Fall 2008

U.S. Citizen or national of the United States

NASA GSRP - Graduate student Researchers Program


U.S. citizen

Program related to NASA research and development

NDSEG National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship

Department of Defense

Deadline January 2007

U.S. Citizens

Have completed no more than one year of a graduate program

NPSC National Physical Science Consortium

Deadline November 4, 2006

U.S. Citizen

Senior or first year of graduate program

Ph.D. tract

GRE test required

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP)

National Science Foundation

Deadline November 9, 2006

U.S. Citizen

Senior or first year of graduate program

Nuclear Nuclear Engineering and Health Physics Fellowship

Department of Energy

Deadline January 31, 2007

U.S. Citizen

ORISE Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education


U.S. Citizen

OAS Organization of American States


Citizens from selected Central and South American countries

SOROS Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans

Deadline November 1, 2006

Naturalized citizen, Green Card holder, both parents are naturalized citizens

SRC Semiconductor Research Corporation

Information to be posted in November 2006

Requires faculty recommendation

Graduate Fellowships Program

Masters Scholarship Program

International Graduate Fellowship Program

UNCF The College Fund/UNCF and the Merck Company Foundation

Graduate Science Research Dissertation Fellowships

African American

Biomedical research

Enrolled in Ph.D. program

U.S. Citizen

ZONTA Zonta International Foundation

Amelia Earhart Fellowships

Deadline November 15, 2007


Women in aerospace-related sciences and engineering PhD programs, may apply for two years.