Resources for Current Graduate Students

Getting Help: Who do I talk to?

Prof. Wayne Chen
Professor, Associate Head of Graduate Education
Armstrong 3323
Linda Flack
Administrative Assistant - Graduate Affairs
Armstrong 3305

Useful links

Thesis Deposit to AAE Department

Standards for Department Copy of your thesis to be turned in to Jenn LaGuire

  • Print single-sided if your thesis is under 250 pages. You may print 2-sided if it is over 250 pages but it is not required.
  • Do not include your original forms 9 & 20, I only want copies of them included.
  • Follow the Purdue University Graduate Schools requirements for formatting of your thesis.
  • Standard Thesis Binding (Hard black front and back covers with metal posts and screws) can be done at the Boiler CopyMaker in Room 157 of the Purdue Memorial Union.
  • Please also send a .pdf copy of your thesis (including Forms 9 & 20) to Jenn LaGuire

Qualifying Exams for Doctoral Students

Graduate Funding Resources

Fellowships: COE Funding Resources
Eligible students are strongly encouraged to apply for external fellowships.
NSF/NDSEG Fellowships
AAE students are encouraged to apply to NSF and NDSEG fellowships