Instructions for First Plan of Study

Any person with a Purdue Career Account is able to log into the My Plan of Study system.

The first time you log in, an account is created (if one does not already exist). If you expect to enter AAE, select AAE from the menu of Schools.

If there is no plan of study template present,  you should add it . It will be blank, because it is not directly connected to your transcript.

If you are serious about entering AAE and seek advise, please go directly to the "Submit to Advisor" tab on the upper right of the POS page. Enter a note in the Comment box explaining what you want to do.


If appropriate, we will upload your transcript into the system and give you further instructions through the Comment box.  You should receive email notification whenever the document is reviewed by an Advisor and is ready for you to look at.


Good luck. The system is new and evolving every day. If you experience any problems, contact Lisa Crain