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email dated July 11,2002 :


To All AAE Coop Students

From now on, we are going to change some long-standing procedures regarding Coop.

1) You are to send me your coop reports electronically, in a form that can easily be loaded onto the web site: https://engineering.purdue.edu/AAE/indusexp/Index.html The submissions I got from Spring 02 are posted under the Company page, "Student Work Descriptions", "All reports". (The earlier descriptions are too brief for the purpose... follow the latest examples for guidance.)

2) Copies of the "evaluation forms" are going to be posted on the web page ("Forms") You can download and print them as you need. Completed copies of the two evaluations need to be turned in to Lisa when you come back to campus.

3) We will no longer mail you copies of the Progress Report. It contains essentially the same info as on myPurdue, which you always have access to.

4) We are no longer going to mail Form 23's. You can tell us what you want to register for by email... to me (wiliams@purdue.edu) or Lisa (lcrain@purdue.edu) (better to both of us).

5) We are no longer going to mail the schedule tabloids. This information is available on the web site http://www.smas.purdue.edu/ (see "View Schedules: Classes") Also recall that the AAE web page always contains "course offerings", "course schedules" and other useful information about AAE: http://engineering.purdue.edu/AAE/Academics/Courses/

6) If you request it, we will send you hard copies of any or all of the above items.

Marc H. Williams


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