"A Remote Flight Data Collection and Analysis System"

Etan Karni, Spring 2000

Overview: This project (my entry for the 1999-2000 science fair "season") collects data on altitude, airspeed, temperature, magnetic heading, angle of attack, and sideslip angle from an airborne remotely controlled glider. The data is saved into memory, then downloaded to a laptop computer after the flight. (Read a more formal abstract here.) For the purpose of discussion, there are two main functional areas in the system: the airborne hardware (sensors/data logging) and ground-based software.

Project components that may be of use to you, discussed further within: Sensors/techniques used, Basic Stamp I routines for communication with ADC0838 Analog-to-Digital converter and RAMPACK B module, C++ source code for "virtual cockpit" analysis software and serial port communications.

Probably the best thing for someone interested in this topic (namely, you) to do is to read over the pages, look at the photos and diagrams, and maybe download and skim the tech paper. These pages, their contents including text and graphics, and the files available for download (excepting those marked as such) are all copyright (c) Etan Karni, 2000-2001. Plaigarism is a crime! If you have questions, or are doing a related project and found these pages useful, please drop me an e-mail. Thanks!

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Etan Karni, Spring 2001