AAE 49000 Special Projects

This course is intended to allow undergraduates to engage in independent study and individual or small group research projects under the direction of the faculty. Projects may be initiated by students or by faculty. Interested students should follow the procedures listed here.


  1. The student must have a faculty sponsor. (Only an AAE faculty member can award credit for an AAE49000 project).

  2. The student and sponsoring faculty member should discuss and agree on the intent and focus of the course and the individual expectations of both the student and faculty supervisor.

  3. Send Lisa Crain an email, lcrain@purdue.edu with the information below for the Form 23VT to be completed.

    The following information is needed to complete the form.

    • Name
    • Purdue ID Number
    • Student Classification
    • AAE 49000
    • Number of credits
    • 30 Character Title - including spaces
    • Signatures from both you and the instructor

    Once Lisa has the form completed and you have all of the required, you will take it to Hovde Room 55 for registration.

    Note: When calculating the number of credits, the student should spend 3 hours per week per credit hour. For example, a student signed up for 2 credit hours for the 15 weeks of class would need to spend 6 hours per week (90 per semester).

Applying the 49000 to your Plan of Study

AAE 49000 independent research classes can count towards major or minor electives in the AAE Plan of Study based on the faculty member's main concentration area. For example: Professor Anderson is a propulsion faculty member so if a student does independent research with him, the research will be counted as a propulsion elective. If you want the AAE 49000 to apply to your Plan of Study as a different concentration area (for example: You do research with Professor Anderson but you want the class to count towards aerodynamics, not propulsion), you will need to complete the AAE49000 Course Description Form and seek the approval of the aerodynamics faculty AND the Associate Head for Undergraduate Programs (Professor Bill Anderson).

If a student wishes to count the independent research as a technical elective, no faculty approvals are necessary, but final approval is required from the student's assigned academic advisor.