NEW Website!

The new website is up and running. There are still some kinks to be worked out, and most of the new backgrounds and fancy pictures are done. If there are any issues, please let Timothy Bishop know ASAP. You can find contact details on the contacts page.

Upcoming Meetings

REMINDER: SEDS Fall Semester callout is to be held in the second week of the fall semester on September 1st. Check the Events page for more information. See you then!

Welcome to Purdue, new freshmen! Welcome back, returning students! We have a lot planned for this coming semester. Our regular meeting times are to be determined, but we have the callout posted. Anyone from freshman to grad student, of any major, is invited to attend. If you have any friends who love space or rocketry, invite them to come learn about us. If you have any questions, please contact the club president Ethan Kayser.

Have pictures or videos for the website?

We are looking for your pictures of SEDS events! All you have to do is attach them to an email. For videos, links to Youtube videos are preferred. Please send to either the webmaster Timothy Bishop.

Purdue SEDS Alumni Form

Purdue SEDS is collecting member alumni information. Help us reconstruct our heritage by filling out the form here.