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Raisbeck Design/Build/Test Website Aerodynamics Courses AAE 20000: Sophomore Seminar AAE 20300: Aeromechanics I AAE 20400: Aeromechanics II AAE 20401: Aeromechanics II Laboratory AAE 25100: Introduction to Aerospace Design AAE 30000: Junior Seminar AAE 30100: Signals and Systems AAE 33300: Fluid Mechanics AAE 33301: Fluid Mechanics Laboratory AAE 33400: Aerodynamics AAE 33401: Aerodynamics Lab AAE 34000: Dynamics and Vibrations AAE35103: Aerospace Systems Design AAE 35200: Structural Analysis I AAE 35201: Structural Analysis Laboratory AAE 36400: Feedback Control Systems AAE 36401: Control Systems Laboratory AAE 37200: Jet Propulsion Power Plants AAE 40000: Senior Seminar AAE 41200: Intro to Computational Aerodynamics AAE 41500: Aerodynamic Design AAE 41600: Viscous Flows AAE 41800: Zero-Gravity Flight test AAE 42100: Flight Dynamics and Control AAE 43900: Rocket Propulsion AAE 44000: Spacecraft Attitude Dynamics AAE 45000: Senior Spacecraft Design AAE 45100: Senior Aircraft Design AAE 50700: Principles of Dynamics AAE 50800: Optimization In Aerospace Engineering AAE 51200: Computational Aerodynamics AAE 51400: Intermediate Aerodynamics AAE 51900: Hypersonic Aerothermodynamics AAE 52000: Experimental Aerodynamics AAE 53200: Orbital Mechanics AAE 53500: Propulsion Design AAE 53700: Hypersonic Propulsion AAE 53800: Air Breathing Propulsion AAE 53900: Advanced Rocket Propulsion AAE 55000: Multidisciplinary Design Optimization AAE 55300: Elasticity in Aerospace Engineering AAE 55600: Aeroelasticity AAE 55800: Finite Element Methods In Aerospace Structures AAE 55900: Mechanics of Friction and Wear AAE 56400: Linear Systems Analysis and Synthesis AAE 56700: Introduction to Applied Stochastic Processes AAE 53500: Propulsion Design AAE 55100: Design Theory and Methods for Aerospace Systems AAE 57500: Introduction to Satellite Navigation and Positioning AAE 59000 : Aerospace Propulsion AAE 59000 : Air Transportation AAE 59000 : Mechanical Behavior of Materials AAE 61300: Viscous Flow Theory AAE 62400: Laminar-Turbulent Transition AAE 66600: Nonlinear Dynamics, Systems and Control AAE 69000: Modeling Damage & Strengthening Mechanisms in Materials