STS-127 - Go For Launch With Twitter Updates and Questions via YouTube

Purdue University's connection with space continues with alumnus Commander Mark L. Polansky BSAAE'78; MSAAE'78 and Mission Specialist Dr. David A.Wolf BSEE'78 serving as crew on STS-127. Polansky will be the 2nd astronaut to "Tweet" from space. He is posting Twitter updates as he prepares for STS-127 and tweeting as astro_127
STS-127 will use the Space Shuttle Endeavour and is scheduled to launch on June 13, 2009. The primary purpose of the STS-127 mission is to deliver and install the final two components of the Japanese Experiment Module: the Exposed Facility (JEM EF), and the Exposed Section of the Experiment Logistics Module (ELM-ES). Expedition 19 will double the size of the resident crew on the complex, expanding it to six people.
A native of Indianapolis, David Wolf will be making his fourth spaceflight. He first flew on STS-58 in 1993. He next flew a 128-day mission to the Russian space station Mir, launching aboard STS-86 in September 1997 and landing on STS-89 in January 1998. His third flight was on STS-112 in 2002. Wolf has a bachelor's from Purdue University and a doctorate of medicine from Indiana University.
Mark Polansky first flew as pilot of STS-98 in 2001 and then commanded STS-116 in 2006. Polansky has bachelors and master's degrees from the School of Aeronautics and Astronautics.
Polansky will be the 2nd astronaut to "Tweet" from space.  Follow him on Twitter as he prepares for STS-127. Polansky is tweeting as
Polanksy is also taking a couple of questions via YouTube that he will answer from orbit and broadcast on NASA TV. Post your question on and tweet your link.
Polansky was back on the Purdue campus as guest VIP astronaut at Purdue Space Day  in November 2008. Over 450 students in grades 3-8, plus parents and teachers listened as he made the opening presentation of the day. Polansky also interacted with over 150 Purdue students who ran the program. 



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