Purdue on the Road

Purdue on the Road 2009 photo
Mark Your Calendar and join us for good friends, good food, and a very good time as Purdue On The Road travels to your community

President  Córdova announced Eugene Cernan's donation of his personal papers on the second of a six-stop tour visiting Purdue alumni in regions across the United States. The Purdue on the Road tour began January 15 in Dallas and is scheduled to end March 18 in Boston.

Other planned stops include Atlanta (Jan. 30), Naples, Fla. (Feb. 14-16), San Francisco (Feb. 24) and Boston, MA. (Mar. 18)

An interactive map is available on the president's web page.  The map allows Web users to learn about alumni in the cities the president is visiting and confirm when she may be in a nearby location. For more details of Purdue on the Road, follow the link below to the President's page below and click onto the link on the left hand side "Purdue on the Road  - Interactive Map."


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