Purdue SEDS Spring Space Forum 2010

The Purdue Chapter of Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS), held the Spring Space Forum 2010 on April 6th, in the Loeb Playhouse.

This year's speaker was Dr. Michael Griffin, the Former Administrator of NASA (2005-2009).  Dr. Griffin holds seven degrees in many different subject areas including, Physics, Aerospace science, Aerospace Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Applied Physics, Business Administration, and Civil Engineering. He spoke to a large audience about the future of space flight and America's lead in the Aerospace industry.

Dr Michael Smith from the Department of History, Dr Kathleen Howell and Dr David Filmer from the School of Aeronautics and Astronautics acted as panel members.

Dr and Mrs. Shih graciously hosted Dr Griffin and the SEDs executive board at their house to dinner prior to the event.

Group photo L~R Prof. James Longuski, Prof. David Filmer, Prof. Barrett Caldwell, Dr. Michael Griffin, Prof. Kathleen Howell, Mr. Al Diaz, Prof. Tom I-P Shih
SEDS Exec board L~R at back Kelly Man,  Kevin Bonanne, Rich O’Connor, Brendon Mueller, Bill O’Neil, Alexander Roth