Purdue Graduate - Lead Shuttle Flight Director for STS-123

Purdue graduate Mike Moses BSAAE '89 is the Lead Shuttle Flight Director on STS-123 which is the current Space Shuttle mission to the International Space Station (ISS) flown by Space Shuttle Endeavour.

Launched on March 11, 2008, it is the twenty-fifth shuttle mission to visit the ISS, and delivered the first module of the Japanese laboratory, Japanese Experiment Module (Kibô), and the Canadian Special Purpose Dexterous Manipulator. (SPDM) The Dextre robotics system is a smaller manipulator equipped with two arms and designed to work with Canadarm2 to perform finer maintenance tasks that normally would be accomplished with spacewalks by astronauts on the International Space Station.

The current mission duration is set for sixteen days and will be the first mission fully utilizing the SSPTS, allowing space station power to augment the shuttle power systems. With extension days built in, this mission has the ability to be the longest shuttle flight in history. The completion of the mission will leave nine flights remaining in the Space Shuttle program until its end in 2010.

The flight director sees the big picture during a spaceflight, leading a team of flight controllers, support personnel and engineering experts, a flight director has the overall responsibility to manage and carry out Space Shuttle flights and ISS expeditions.

He earned a bachelor of science degree in physics from Purdue University in 1989, a master's in space sciences from Florida Institute of Technology in 1991, and a master's in aerospace engineering from Purdue in 1995.

Moses began working at JSC in 1995 as a Rockwell Space Operations Co. employee, and transitioned to United Space Alliance as a flight controller in Mission Operations' Systems Division. He began working for NASA in 1998 as an ascent/entry Propulsion Officer, and was the Propulsion Systems Group lead from 2001 to 2003. Moses transferred to the Shuttle Electrical Systems Group in 2003, and served as group lead until this new assignment.