Probabilistic Models of Cumulative Damage

J.L. Bogdanoff, F. Kozin (both former faculty)

Probabilistic Models of Cumulative Damage book cover
  • ISBN: 0-471-88180-5
  • Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, New York, NY
  • Date: 1985
  • Table of Contents

AThis book introduces the engineer to the probabilistic modeling of cumulative damage phenomena. The probabilistic models considered are based upon the Markov process and its variants. These models provide a comprehensive and coherent view of the phenomena. Computation is straightforward and easy to program on computers. Parameter estimation from life data is also straightforward.

Aimed directly at the engineer, this is the first book to present a probabilistic treatment of the evolutionary development of cumulative damage processes. Probabilistic Models of Cumulative Damage presents the necessary introductory material for understanding Markov processes. It develops the models from their simplest form to more complex versions and applies the methods to life data from a variety of sources. Graphical illustrations of the many features of the method and of life data are abundantly employed.

After developing the mathematical underpinnings, Bogdanoff and Kozin test these models against an extensive set of life data, and, finally, discuss their application to a number of problems of direct interest to engineers. Spectrum loading, accelerated life testing, use of SN-diagrams in model construction, reliability and maintainability, use of the models in design, and tolerance limits are discussed here in some depth.

With applications in mechanical, aerospace, and civil engineering, Probabilistic Models of Cumulative Damage offers design engineers, reliability engineers, and testing engineers an exciting new tool for characterizing and evaluating the damage process from data.