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Faculty Book Spotlight

Mechanics of Fluids, 4th Edition

T. Shih

Mechanics of Fluids, 4th Edition book cover
  • ISBN: 978-0495667735
  • Publisher: Brooks/Cole, Pacific Grove, California
  • Date: 2011
  • Edited by: Potter, M.C., Wiggert, D.C., Ramadan, B.H., and Shih, T. I-P.

    This book is presents the fundamentals of the mechanics of fluids so that engineers are able to understand the role that the fluid plays in a particular application, including the presentation the general equations, both integral and differential, that result from the conservation of mass principle, Newton’s second law, and the first law of thermodynamics. From these a number of particular situations will be considered that are of special interest. After studying this book the engineer should be able to apply the basic principles of the mechanics of fluids to new and different situations.