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Faculty Book Spotlight

Mechanics of Fluids, 3rd Edition

T. Shih

Mechanics of Fluids, 3rd Edition book cover
  • ISBN: 978-0534379964
  • Publisher: Brooks/Cole, Pacific Grove, California
  • Date: 2002
  • Table of Contents
  • Edited by: Potter, M.C., Wiggert, D.C., Hondzo, M., and Shih, T. I-P.

    This book presents an authoritative, mainstream introduction to the physical concepts and mathematics of fluid mechanics. Key Topics: The book reinforces concepts with equations and solutions for relatively simple geometrics through an abundance of examples, worked problems, and derivations with easy-to-follow steps. Although the book emphasizes SI units, approximately one-quarter of the worked examples and problems are duplicated with English units, and all properties and dimensional constants are provided in both SI and English units. It also includes computer-based Basic and spread sheet solutions in the chapters relating to open channel and pipe network flows. Includes a thorough introduction to environmental fluid mechanics in Chapter 14, where the emphasis is on mass transport in surface water systems that contain turbulent flows. In addition, a section on fluid transients has been added to Chapter 11. Market: A valuable resource book for any practicing engineer seeking further understanding of fluid mechanics as it relates to civil, environmental, mechanical, or general engineering.