Congratulations to Winners of the 2011 Magoon Excellence in Teaching Award

Magoon Winners
Magoon winners
Neal Allgood, Matthew Kube-McDowell, Christopher Patterson, Rashmi Shah, Rohan Sood, and Shae Williams were recently selected to receive Purdue's College of Engineering Magoon Award for Excellence in Teaching.

This award recognizes outstanding teaching assistants and instructors through funds generated by a trust established by Estes H. and Vashti L. Magoon. Mrs. Magoon died in 1986, just prior to her 103rd birthday. Through this award, they have influenced the careers of many engineering educators.

The winners will receive their awards on April 5, 2011 at the Graduate Student Awards Program luncheon.

Congratulations to them all for their dedication to enhancing AAE undergraduate education through their teaching.

Pictured top to bottom: Neal Allgood, Chris Patterson, Rashmi Shah, Rohan Sood, and Shae Williams. (Matthew Kube-McDowell not pictured)