Boilermaker Test Pilots

Five Boilermaker Test Pilots in Wichita, a recent Society of Experimental Test Pilots dinner.

Pictured from left to right.

Kevin Campbell BSAE ’75, MSAE ’76 - As a senior FAA Flight Test Pilot in Wichita, Kevin has participated in several certification programs at Boeing, Cessna, Learjet, and Raytheon over the last 15 years. An Associate Fellow in SETP, Kevin has conducted flight tests on over 70 aircraft models, including Air Force One.

Mark Schlegel BSES ’68, MSAE ’69 - As a Senior Engineering Test Pilot and Lead Pilot for the Global Express at Bombardier Aircraft Company, Mark has been involved in Wichita flight test for over 28 years at Bombardier, Learjet and Cessna. Mark is an SETP Associate Fellow and serves as the Central Section representative to the National Board of Directors.

Dale Felix BSAE ’51 - As a retired Chief of Flight Test at Boeing (Wichita) and former Learjet and FAA Test Pilot, Dale was actively involved in Wichita flight test for over 35 years. Dale was instrumental in the development of the B-52 while at Boeing and holds the distinction of having being selected as the first SETP Fellow from the Central Section.

Pete Reynolds BSES ’66 - As founder of PTR Aero LLC and former Vice President of Flight Operations at Bombardier, Pete was integral to Learjet and Bombardier flight test for over 30 years. Highlights include managing flight test programs for 11 new aircraft in an 11 year period. In 1993, Pete was elected to be the second (and only other) SETP Fellow from the Central Section and in 1999 was the recipient of the SETP J.H. Doolittle Award for outstanding accomplishments in aerospace engineering and technical management.

Marc Mannella BSAE ’83,MS Aviation Systems from the University of Tennessee, ’95 - As a Test Pilot for the Hawker 4000 at Raytheon Aircraft Company, Marc is a newcomer to Wichita flight test having recently retired as a Marine Corps Test Pilot. Marc is an SETP Associate Fellow and Chairman.