AeroLiner 1955

Recently come to light is an AeroLiner Newsletter dated May 9, 1955 and a newsletter from the Head of school Bruce A. Reese dated circa 1977.

Both documents are available as PDF files on the School's web site: 1955 AeroLiner, 1977 Aero Newsletter.

There are many interesting "Time Capsule" facts on the 1955 document, including on page 5, information about "The Airline Boom." The previous year in 1954, had been the first time, planes carried more passengers to and from Europe than did the steamship lines.

The future also looked good for helicopters back in 1955, where their development was going to make them economically viable for short inter-city routes, air express and air-freight.

A student led endeavor, the 1955 AeroLiner also included a number of politically incorrect cartoons. Does anything ever change?