History Photo Gallery

First US Airmail Delivery

First Aircraft in Lafayette

Aircraft on Purdue Athletic Field

Iven C. Kincheloe - Space Pioneer

Professor (Major) William A. Bevan

Professor (Captain) George W. Haskins

Professor Haskins Instructing Students

Prof. Haskins with turbo charger

Aeronautics Laboratory - May 1930

Early Wind Tunnel

Construction of Purdue Airport

Aeronautics Class at Purdue - 1934

Amelia Earhart

Professor Wood with Wind Tunnel

Wind Tunnel

Powerplant Laboratory

Professor Joseph Liston

Prof. Bruhn with Structures Class

Morrow Aircraft Project

Curtiss-Wright Cadette Program

Curtiss-Wright Cadette Program

Curtiss-Wright Cadette Program

Dr. Milton U. Clauser

Historic Undergraduate Enrollment

One Small Step

2003 History of AAE (AIAA)