Purdue University International Electronic Cooling Alliance (PU-IECA)

Established by Prof. Issam Mudawar in 1984, the Purdue University International Electronic Cooling Alliance (PU-IECA) became the World’s first research center dedicated entirely to the study of high heat flux cooling of electronic and power devices. Extensive custom fabricated facilities enable our team to investigate fundamental phenomena associated with virtually every phase change cooling scheme, includes capillary-driven (heat pipes, capillary pumped loops, loop heat pipes), pool boiling and thermosyphons, falling film, macro-channel, mini/micro-channel, curved channel, spray, and jet, as well hybrid schemes combining merits of different schemes. We also explore both enhancement potential and drawbacks of nanofluids and carbon nanotube coatings, as well as boiling in rotating systems, and condensation in both macro- and mini/micro-channels. Our capability also spans several aerospace and defense applications, including cooling of aircraft avionics, satellites, and spacecraft. Additionally, we explore practical cooling solutions for data centers, hybrid vehicles power electronics, and electrical vehicle charging cable and battery.

PU-IECA has received support from numerous U.S. and international companies, including IBM, 3M, Ford, Rolls Royce, Raytheon, BAE, Boeing, Honeywell, Northrup Grumman, Lockheed Martin, Bettis Atomic, and Alcoa. Additionally, federal support has been provided by NASA, Navy, Air Force, Department of Energy, and National Science Foundation.

The Boiling Advantage

Electronics Cooling Schemes

Micro-channel Cooling

Spray Cooling

Flow Condensation

Electronics Refrigeration Cooling

Hybrid Vehicle Electronics Cooling

Ultra-Fast Charging of Electric Vehicles